CD-Report headings

Is there a way to customize the text in the header of the CD-Report? “Start (CD)” is what I’d like to change. I do a lot of vinyl mastering and I’d rather not have “(CD)” in the heading for the cue sheet. My workaround has been to open up the report in a PDF editor and the delete the “(CD)” but it would be great to able to just have the report generate without the CD reference to begin with.

The Audio CD Report is very customizable. Here’s the settings I use to produce a vinyl report (one for each side using CD Track Groups), and the resulting PDF.

Anberlin_AYFM_SIDE_A.pdf (77.3 KB)
Anberlin_AYFM_SIDE_B.pdf (76.7 KB)

I have a similar preset for vinyl, but it’s the table headings that I’d like to customize. I’d like to be able to remove the CD reference in the Start heading…since it’s a vinyl project. It’s a small thing, I realize but looks more professional.

Here’s after my PDF editing workaround:

Yeah, there is A LOT of room for improvement on these reports. They take up A LOT of space for what they are showing you, and columns and words get truncated too easily.

Way back when I used Waveburner (which was terrible), the one good thing was how efficient but detailed the CD reports were. It never took up more than a page unless it was an extra long album.

With WaveLab, a single vinyl side can often go into page 2, and a normal album takes up 3 pages and doesn’t even look great.

Sometimes the ISRC code is broken up into 3 rows.

I think we both do too many projects to deal with too much HTML customization per project.

Hopefully this area can be looked at for the next version of WaveLab.

Yes, I agree. I’d love to be able to tweak out the table on this thing. The scrunching and truncating of the Track column is something that started happening in v 9.5 if I recall…it didn’t use to do this. Thanks, Justin!

Yes, it would be nice to have something you’re kind of proud to send out rather than something that looks a bit dated and slightly embarrassing.