CD Text causes noise on CD master

I am from Brazil and have a mastering facilities studio.

Using Wavelab 7 on my Mac Pro i have a strange situation when burning a CD. If my audio montage has CD Text enable, it causes a little noise (like a pop or click) thru 2 different ways.

  1. If i use my superdrive in 16 x (speed) after the last song appears a pop/ click a little bit before the CD player stop.
  2. If i use my superdrive in 24 x (speed) during the music (aprox. 6 minutes from the start of the cd) appears the same pop/ click.

If the CD Text is Disable there are no problem.

It seems crazy, but it is true. I did a lot of tests, i burned a lot a CDs, I changed the Superdrive for another Superdrive, I changed the HD, but the problem is there.

To send the Masters to duplication, I burn a CD without CD TEXT, import on Wavelab 6 on PC and burn again with CD TEXT. It’s very frustrating!!

I really hope some help!


Luciano Vassão

What you may also try:

  • Try burning to DDP first, and then from here to CD.
  • Try burning by using another CD-writer.

Hi Arjan P ,

I tried burning to DDP first and then burned a CD audio from DDP but the problem continues…

I tried a LG Writer and the problems is there too…


If you import the DDP you have created, do you “see” the click?
That will tell if the problem is on the WaveLab side, or the drive side.

BTW, what OS and what WaveLab version: 32 or 64 bit?

Hi PG,

The click doesn’t appears on the Audio Montage or on the DDP generate from Audio Montage.
Just on the recorded CDR. It’s happens sometimes, not always.

When I record a CD from Audio Montage, I can see when the status bar (CD Overall progress)
gives a little break and continues (that’s the exact click point, around 6 minutes from the CD start, if the speed is 24x)

I am 90% sure that the problem is on the drive. But I tried, 2 superdrives, 1 Samsung and 1 LG writer.

Do you suggest me anyone?

I use Mac OS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and the WL version is 32 Bits.


Luciano Vassão

Do you have a lot of data in the CD Text? Does it only contain words without accents (english alphabet)?
How many tracks in your montage?

Did you try a different media brand?


No, just CD title, song’s name and performer.

I don’t use any accents.

I tried a lot of different media brands.

Have you a PQ setting similar to this one:

Yes, my PQ setting is that way.

Did you try burning on another computer system?
I guess your CDs have a legal length? (<= 74 min)

Hi PG,

This problem happens with any duration, if the Audio Montage has 7 min length (total) I have
the click at the end (if burning up to 16X) or in the middle of the music (if burning between 24 to 32x)

Using WL 6 on PC there is no problem like that.

I installed WL7 thru bootcamp on the same MAC, using the Windows partition
with the same superdrive and the problems continues…

Did you try to import the song with the click, to get a “visual idea” of what it could be? (picture welcome).

Just to try everything: download “Driver_Installer_x86_x64.exe”
from this page:

and run it. Then reboot.

Excuse me for jumping on here but I am wondering why you are burning at such a fast speed? Have you tried dropping the speed down to 8X or 4X?

I thought everybody knew that the faster the burn speed the worse the quality of the audio. Who knows, it may prevent the click/pop as well.