CD-Text Character Question

Last night I was working on an album project and maybe for the first time a song title ended with a quotation mark.

The title is:

Theme From “Carlos”

When I tried rendering my 96k project to a new file and then eventually recreating the project at 44.1k for DDP, I noticed that the 2nd quotation mark at the very end of the title was removed.

I seemed to have a similar problem in HOFA but was too tired to dig real deep.

Does anybody know if having a quotation mark at the end of a song title for CD-Text is allowed? Or maybe this is a bug or user error on my end.

But now that I think, it might have been removed from the marker name field AND the CD-Text field so I’d hard to know if this is a WaveLab bug or I’m trying to do something that isn’t allowed.

I feel like I’ve used quote marks before in titles but maybe never as the final character.

I think that the technical answer is that " is an ASC11 character and therefore technically allowed as a CD Text character.

However, it is also a reserved character in Windows systems. Meaning that I could not create a file name in Windows 10 with that character included.

I appreciate that you can create a file name in OSX that includes ". But ’ can also be a special character with a system meaning. I am not really up on the OSX side of things.

It follows that weirdness may happen if you use it.

FWIW I had the same issue recently with a set of deliberately complicated song titles that featured characters. The problem was with ? which is also a reserved character in windoze.

Good point. There could be something to some of my settings about not allowing Windows incompatible characters but what’s strange is that it would let one quotation mark through but not the final one that ends the title.

With the caveat that I don’t really know much deep stuff about OSX … I checked with a colleague for you and apparently ’ in OSX can “trigger” the command line: Command: argument grouping delimiter

I have no idea what that means or its implication but …

Thanks. I think I have a setting turned on that I may have requested that prevents illegal Windows characters from being part of rendered WAV files because one thing that kept happening is that if I song title had a question mark in it and then I zipped that folder of WAVs, Windows users wouldn’t see that file when unzipping but Mac users would. It caused a few issues so now I’m more careful about that.

That being said, it shouldn’t affect actual Cd-Text in a DDP but maybe some settings are messing with it. I’ll have to dig deeper when I get a chance.

Good choice Justin P … this may be one of the reason why labels in my jurisdiction basically stopped wanting CD text … although I did do a double album for S*ny the other week that had to have it for some reason. . The weird thing is, iTunes and the streaming services appear to support ? " and some other windoze reserved characters on entry into iTunes Producer etc. I noticed this recently when a track I mastered came out on iTunes as MFiT with a ? at the end of the title (as was originally intended).

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