CD text not read by all devices

I burn a CD (from a Cubase project) on Wavelab 9 Elements after creating a Montage. For the album and track names I enter the CD text as normal and all seems fine.

However, when I try to play the CD in various devices the text is not always read correctly. If I try to import the CD into iTunes, or import it into my car, it does not read the text and thinks it is some other title. However, on my Arcam home CD player it reads fine - exactly correct for album title and track titles.

Why is the text not read correctly on some devices, I thought CD text was a standard form and that Wavelab complied to that standard?

You should know that iTunes does not read CD-Text. It’s likely that your CD is OK, and your technique is fine. Read this for more info:

Thanks for the info Justin, I was not aware of that issue.

No problem. It’s a common point of confusion which is why I made that little page for my website. Somebody did make a special script that allows iTunes to read CD-Text but iTunes doesn’t read CD-Text naturally:

It’s not a big problem with iTunes because you can edit the text back to your own details. Unfortunately on my BMW I cannot do that so i have to read something like Buster Malloy and the Icebreakers for my own CD :smiley:

That’s interesting. I’m guessing your car is refererening Gracenote Database somehow. Either it’s internet connected or has some database info pre-loaded. I’ve heard of this before.

I wonder if you can have your car display the CD-Text rather than the database reference. Most new cars can display CD-Text.

Maybe do a deeper check of the car stereo settings?

It is internet connected, so i guess it might be checking. Anyway, I’ll look a little deeper into the text issue in the car’s system.

I can confirm that an increasing number of modern cars appear to reference Gracenote (without the driver knowing).

We first came across this issue a couple of years back with a CD release for a national artist. It had no CD Text (label requirement).

Panic stricken calls on day of release saying in the A&R manager’s mid range new Ford “wrong” CD Text displayed. What tha?

Yep … the Ford was accessing Gracenote. And the new release hadn’t apparently “materialized” yet on the Gracenote system.

This is one of a few reasons that we don’t do CD text anymore unless we are specifically asked to do so. In our jurisdiction at least one major says “no CD Text”. I personally think this has more to do with giving them flexibility to change track titles at the last minute (which happens more than you’d expect actually).

And after some checking I can confirm that my BMW does indeed access Gracenote online for CD info.

You can use iTunes to submit a CD’s info to Gracenote. It’s hard to know how often your car updates it’s database info, or if it’s always connected and gets the most recent additions automatically.

It would be interesting to know if you can still make the car CD player read the CD-Text.

As noted, I have been doing a fair amount of investigating and I have found out that the car does actually read CD text. Additionally there is a menu where you are asked if you want to update the CD track info by Gracenote. So actually I guess it has both options.

I think the time I posted earlier the Gracenote option seemed to predominate and I don’t really know which takes priority and when!

i should note that, whilst the car has a CD player, it also stores albums. It is the storage part that has the Gracenote option.

I have a problem…

What I want to do:
I want to create an Audio disc for an artist that is able to view CD-Text (Artist Info like song name, artist etc.) when playing it on any type of media eg. home radio, car radio, any software like windows etc.

What is happening:
I used Nero 2018 Audio Burn, ImgBurn, CD Burner XP I even downloaded WMP CD text plugin, but when I play music with my player it shows the text but when i use a different pc, it does not… I am running out of options, and GraceNote (Damn Infamous Gracenote) is not an option.

Is there any way to write the artist info on the CD? Note: I need it to be audio format and not a data disk or mp3 disk…

I went through dozens of forums, but they all seem to contradict, one says I need:

  • CD Text burner (Hardware)
  • Software adjustments like Nero like saving the information where needed (Tried that)
  • Gracenote (Too complicated to get accepted into their database)
  • Not possible according to some

Can someone please help me with this? what do i have to do?
We can build computer phones, we can invent apps like shazam, but we cant write and link simple text info to a track???
Why is this such an issue? if you can write a datadisk with information why can’t i do the same with an audio burn?

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Many devices/programs don’t read CD-text, but rely on on-line databases. If your CD is not a release that can reasonably be put on such a database, then there’s nothing you can do beyond providing text on the CD itself.


This should be no issue, and with Wavelab it is no issue: I’m not sure about Wavelab Elements, but certainly in WL Pro all parts of CD-Text (an official addition to the Red Book CD standard, though the term is lightly misused) can be added and burned to Audio-CD (or written to DDP).

I guess the big question would be why you are using Nero and others to burn a CD, unless you mean that you are using these to try reading CD-Text. WaveLab will easily write the CD-Text to a burned CD assuming your CD burner supports it.

If you didn’t see this article earlier in the thread, I would read it:

The best you can do is add the CD-Text to the disc, and submit the CD info to Gracenote and All Music. You can easily submit a CDs info to Gracenote using the iTunes app in a few minutes, or faster if you have this script installed:

That is what I use to speed up the process of submitting my clients CDs to Gracenote. It takes longer to burn the CD than submit the data.

For Windows Media Player and All Music Database, last I checked you have to mail them a physical CD but maybe they’ve gotten with the times and have an online solution now.

This CD text issue has been a problem for a long long time. It seems it has gotten worse with the ability of cars to access the internet. I know in my own case I had a jazz artist accused me of not putting on the correct info on his CD when he put it into his PC and it came up with a completely different CD of a popular punk rock artist. I was able to show him on my computer what I had put on the CD and he was apologetic. Maybe there needs to be a standard way of reading what TEXT is on a CD. FWIW.

Thomas, interesting to see that you note the CD text remains a problem. As the original poster of this thread I have still not been able to consistently read CD text in my car, even though it has burned properly using Wavelab. Sometimes it works, mostly not. Maybe one day it will be solved!