CD-Text on wrong track, even with 8.0.3

I saw this was supposed to be fixed with the newest version, but in the CD window, I click on track 1 to enter CD-text, and track 2 comes up. I have found no way to get track 1 to open up for input. Running on Win7/64, and my Wavelab is 8.0.3 build 698, 64 bit.

Ok, to clarify: if I use the “Function” menu, I can get to the appropriate tracks- it’s just the intuitive double clicking in the CD-Text that brings up the wrong track. Wow. Ok, that’s all for now.

Yes, the CD text entry box still seems strange to me.

I’d prefer if it just worked how I think it did I’m WL7 where it always opens at the start where you enter name for “the disk itself”.

Since I usually have my clips and markers named properly already, I always use the shortcut auto-fill arrows to populate the track names (based on marker names) and artist for each track after I manully enter the album title and artist name at the start.