CD Text to Marker name

I currently have to copy and paste the correct song names into both the Clip tab and the CD-Text to get a montage to output the correct filenames and have the meta data “Title” (the name quicktime player and others display above the song) to have the correct names. I guess I could edit the CD Meta data, but is there a way to make them automatically the same? Special characters aside, I can’t really imagine a situation where I’d want them to be different.


If you work with “Markers” dialog and name them
like Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 e.t.c
they will turn up in the CD dialog
then use “Functions” to make CD Track to CD-Text
yes check the CD Wizard too…

check manual here…

regards S-EH

@Antiphones There are two ways to do it, but I think that renaming the clips first is not the best idea. I like to always know the source clip name so I can see if it’s mix 1, mix 2, etc. so I keep the clip names natural as they come to me.

You can either paste the correct song title to each marker, and then use the attached option found in the CD-Text Editor to push the perfect marker names to each CD-Text Track Title in one click.

Or, you can paste the correct song title to CD-Text Track Title in the CD-Text Editor, and then use the attached option found in the CD Tab to push the perfect CD-Text Track Titles to each Marker Name in one click.

Both are done in one click, and with the right Metadata preset and the settings, you can push this info to Metadata when you render WAV and mp3 files without any extra effort.

Thanks so much for all this great help!

Great advice! I have a follow up question… I want to render all of the songs in the montage for streaming services. The songs now have their respective CD text names, but what option do I use to render all tunes individually. I want all the songs rendered to a .wav, in a folder individually. Also want is rendered with the song? CD name… ISRC? name of the performer? What option do I use? Single ? Multiple? Select all the tracks? Any advice would be helpful…

I don’t have the time to answer all these sub-questions but if you’re using WaveLab Pro, rendering “All Marked Regions” and “CD Tracks” does this. WaveLab Elements is more limited in this area.

You can use “Render Presets” to recall all the right settings in the misc fields such as Redner Source, Format, Naming Scheme, etc. See attached.

I also did a livestream about misc rendering practices that covers pretty much all of this:

Basically, once you figure out the CD-Text/Marker Name behavior, Metadata Preset/Settings, and your Render Presets, it’s all very painless and simple to render any and all file formats that are exactly what you want, perfectly named as you want, and containing any metadata you might want.

Thanks… got it!!

I’ve been trying your method above renaming the markers and then choose Functions / Rename text tracks as CD, but when I do that I get the message “No CD track has been renamed”. I’m wondering what I could be doing wrong.

@Antiphones I think you might have it backwards.

The “Rename CD Tracks as CD-Text” is meant to change the marker names to match the existing CD-Text entry.

If you want to correctly name the markers first (which is what I do when starting normal mastering projects), you can use the arrow in the CD-Text Editor box to push all the Marker Names to CD-Text Names:

The button that my arrow is pointing to will do all the songs, the button to the left of it just does the track that is visible.

The feature shown in this attached screen shot will rename the markers to match the CD-Text Track Names. Opposite of what I show in the previous post to this one.

Ah yes you’re right! I’m an idiot :rofl: I did get it back wards. It all makes sense now. Thanks so much!