CD-TEXT: Transferring from Markers all at once


I can transfer CD-Text information from my named markers. But I did not find a function to transfer
all of the marker names to CD-Text at once (“by a single click”). That would be helpful.

Any ideas? Have I overseen this in the manual? Thanks.

Best regards, Mike

PS: Wavelab 9.1 (Pro)

I’m not in front of my computer now but the pop-up CD-Text editor box definitely has a button that populates all the CD-Text track fields based on the marker names in one click.

I can show a picture later if you still can’t find it.

Perhaps this

Copy CD Track Start Marker Name to All CD Track Titles
Copies the name of each CD track start marker to the title field of each CD track.

I try it out soon. Really overseen in the manual I think. Thank you.

Here’s a wider screen shot of the CD-Text edit window.

The icon that is more to the right will populate all CD-Text track names from markers at one time but to see it, you have to be on a CD-Track and on the first page which is for the album title entry.

This is exactly the bit that got me too, the first time I used it. Not intuitive.