CD track markers inside wav files? Possible?

Hey All,
Is it possible to create an entire album of music in one, big .wav file so that it has CD track markers built into it, so as to allow the use of the next-track/previous-track buttons on a cd player or audio app?

WaveLab can embed markers in WAV files but a CD player and most consumer (and even some pro) apps can’t really use them.

You should look into making a DDP file/image. A DDP will contain all audio, track markers, titles, and other CD-Text. This is what you would typically transmit to the CD manufacturer.

You can also send a DDP to your client for approval via internet.

WaveLab now comes with a Steinberg DDP Player but to be honest, I haven’t had much luck with it.

Instead, I send my clients a DDP using HOFA DDP Player Maker:

It’s very easy and reliable. If you have WaveLab 9.5 Pro you are welcome to try using the Steinberg DDP Player that comes with WaveLab 9.5 Pro but you may find HOFA to be a better experience for you and the client.

Great explanation, Justin. Thank a bunch!

No problem. I should have let it be known that WaveLab Pro will render a DDP image from the montage very easily. I do this for pretty much every project except single song projects.