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I’m using Wavelab for more than 12 years, however I have not still figure out how I will burn a master cd which will show the track names on the computer’s screen when it will be inserted at the cd tray. I know and I’m using all the cd text and metadata stuff but the subject is that when I buy a commercial music cd, I see directly the track names at my computer instead of seeing track1, track2… etc.
As I said I’m using the cd text and really, in my car I can see the names. By using metadata, I can retrieve later the track names from the “Import cd” tab into Wavelab preferences but that thing that is much simpler and immediate doesn’t work here.
Am I doing something wrong or just Wavelab doesn’t support this feature?

Although a few players can use CD Text, most use one of the online databases to identify tracks. If your CDs are commercial, you can get them added to Gracenote, which is used by iTunes, for instance. There is also the non-commercial freedb which you can point some of your computer programs at.


The problem is that consumer apps like iTunes and Windows Media Player can’t read CD-Text (aside from a few tricks/scripts). They usually use an online database to match the number of tracks on a CD and their respective lengths to a an album entered in the database. This is why especially with shorter CDs you might be given a few options of what the CD is when you insert it. There is more change for multiple matches.

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Well, thank you both!
About Gracenote it is exactly as I already knew, but lastly, a client who I mastered his cd, after the release, he tried to give the fault to me, because his computer was reading the tracks of the cd as track01, track02 etc. and he said that at his previous cd (from a different studio) the tracks names appeared normally. So he made me doubt about what I knew until now. Anyway, thanks again for your explanations and advices!

No problem. With his last CD, my guess is that somebody else submitted the CD info to Gracenote for without him knowing. It could have been the mastering engineer, the digital distributor/CD printer, or a random person.

I don’t think that submission to Gracenote should be expected. I and many others offer it as an add-on service for a nominal fee.

I offer my clients info on how they can do this themselves too but many are happy to pay a small fee to make sure it’s done correctly.

It’s definitely not a problem with the CD master itself. CD-Text is really all you can do on an audio CD master.

:slight_smile: Everything’s fine then. Thanks!