Cd track rendering, wav files do not play till end

Wavelab 64b 8.0.2 on pc w7 64b

I have finished an album and rendered mp3 and 16 bit wav files. The mp3 files are fine but the wav files do not play untill the end in the mediaplayer ( both in studio and at clients pc). They stop playing about 14 seconds before the end. When i import the rendered wav files in a new montage in wavelab they seem normal and play to the end.

I have used the same rendering procedure for the mp3 s as for the wav files: render multiple sources, cd tracks.

I have not used any plugins.

Any ideas anyone?

Can you try with an alternate player, such as VLC?

I have tested the files with both quicktime and iTunes and with these players the files play untill the end normally!

Very confused!

With the mediaplayer you see in the progress bar that the file is not at its end but it suddenly stops playing. Please note it is not just at my system but at the client’s system also. There must be something wrong with the files.

Anyone had this before or knows what it could be?

I think I have a lead where the problem lies. I noticed that I did not have this problem earlier. But this time I added an album illustration in the meta data. When I delete this illustration and render the wav files they play until the end in media player.

Even when the illustration was added it did not show up in mediaplayer nor iTunes/quicktime.

Is this a fault in wavelab?

Anyone has had the same experience?

This does sound as a mediaplayer bug. The picture is wrongly evaluated, this is my guess.

It may very well be a mediaplayer bug. It could be a bug in wavelab also, I do not know.

As half the world uses mediaplayer it is something to take into consideration!

Perhaps the picture was too big in terms of size (1,14 mb) but it should then be rejected or compressed.

I just wonder; talking about 16 bit wav files, if the picture of the meta data is not shown in mediaplayer, nor quicktime or iTunes, why include it in wav files? It does seem to cause troubles. Or are there players that benefit from a metadata picture for a wav file.

For now I will delete the picture for wav rendering and only include it for mp3.

I am still interested to hear other peoples experiences!

The picture meta-data is legal. The VLC player (said to be the most used one), can display it.