CD Wizard: differences WL10/11

In WL11 I found that the CD Wizard doesn’t produce the same results as in WL10. Same settings, see the screenshots.

My usual way to start a montage is to have “Adjust pauses before tracks” set to 0 s. In WL10 this produces a seemless sequence of songs, in WL11 I get gaps. Anything I’m overlooking?

You are right. A regression has been introduced in WaveLab 11.1 to be more precise. This will have to be fixed for 11.1.20.
But apparently, there is a workaround today: use these settings:

Thanks, PG!

Hi PG, have you able to fix this under 11.2?
I’ve learnt from your reply but there is still a very small 1ms Pre-Gap added between Track 3.
Maybe the “Quantize CD Markers to Nearest CD Frame” introduces this.

Thanks for your help as always.

Yes, this was even fixed for 11.1.20
But there will always be a small possible gap between two clips (less than 588 samples) because of CD quantization.

Thanks PG for the quick reply. Is there a suggestion which we can create the gapless CD?

I have both workstations in Wavelab 10/11. Version 10 it seems the CD quantisation will put the extra gap before the first track, and the end, rather than in between tracks.

Thanks again.

Not sure what you mean. The quantization has to happen at each CD marker. Therefore if you want no gap at all, each clip length must be quantized exactly on num of CD frames.

If you still think there is a difference between WaveLab 10 and 11, please send me a WaveLab 10 montage that I can use to test this.

May I know where should I send the montage? thanks.

Thanks for your files.
Unless I am wrong, If I load the WaveLab 10 montage inside WaveLab 11, and apply the following settings, I get the same result as in WaveLab 10 (no gap).

Thanks PG, this works perfectly.

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