CD Wizard - exisiting ISRC and UPC not removed


After running CD Wizard on an exisiting montage I am working on, I realised that any exisitng ISRC and/or UPC data is not deleted when running CD Wizard with empty fields for ISRC and UPC.

From a user perspective I would probably want/expect this info to be removed if existing when using CD Wizard with empty fields for ISRC and UPC, but this isn’t the case.
Now you have to manually remove exisiting UPC and ISRC data in the CD tab.

  • Is this intentionally or just the way it is…and something that could be fixed?

What is happening right now in my montage is that if I run CD Wizard (JP Start) the UPC and IRSC info is still there in the CD tab, BUT ALSO the UPC code has been added to the CD Wizard window and JP Start is marked as edited. For me this is kind of strange - see images below.


Never thought about this case before. But a “Generate” action that removes stuff is a bit strange.
So maybe, maybe not. I don’t know.

Yes I can see your point.

But if you have pause 2s and change that to 0 sec, pause will be changed.
And if you have start- and end markers and select splice markers, markers will be changed.
But if you have UPC and enter an empty UPC field nothing happens, UPC is still there.
And you cannot even enter an empty field for ISRC because it requires a correct code.

So maybe the possibility to enter/indicate empty fields for ISRC and UPC, and they will be removed?!?!


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