CD Wizard presets

when using the CD wizard…

when I select the magic wand…
why do I have to select and activate my preset from the menu at the bottom?
If I setup a preset, is there a way to always apply this preset automatically???


You have to do your settings once. Then save a preset from the menu at the bottom. From now on: it will be selected everytime you reopen that dialog.
Where is the problem then?

It appears that the preset is linked to the montage of choice.

Since when you import an AES31 file it opens into a “Blank” montage with no attached settings (like the audio track dispatching mentioned in the other thread), when I select the CD-wizard tool, it opens up to factory default.
So then In the CD-wizard window in order to get the MY preset I have to click on the preset bar at the bottom of the window, click on my preset, then apply.

Again it seems to be related to the fact an AES31 import resets Every link to any project user presets we might like.

Am I wrong?
is there a way for the CD-wizard window to always use my preset under the conditions I have described ?


I have also noticed that my CD wizard preset and metadata preset do not automatically load when making a new montage. When I reopen CD wizard after already using the preset, it remains as you would expect.

I am constantly having to manually apply the preset when a make a new montage. Not a huge deal but it would be nice if this could be remembered.

The CD Wizard settings are independent of individual montages. Usually, an user has preferred settings he likes to use accross different montages.

So why is my preset not used everytime I select the CD-Wizard?
If I open up an existing montage the settings are correct.
If I create a new montage from an AES31 import the CD-wizard settings are wrong.

if I read your response correctly this should not be the case, but it is.
unless there is some sort of preference that has in impact on this issue,
I must assume it is a bug, or an unintended result of a feature gone wrong.

Where do we go from here ?


I said something wrong… :blush: The CD Wizard settings are saved with each individual montage (by design)…
but if you want to have predefined CD Wizard settings, then use montage templates. In that case, the CD Wizard settings are attached to the newly created montage automatically.
See the documentation about templates.

It sounds like you have to first go in and load your preset(s) before saving the montage template that you would like to have open when you make a new montage.

True, at least for some cases, I just tested it, except…

in the case of …if you are importing an AES31 file, it starts a NEW montage, and this NEW montage
reverts to the factory defaults, not my user presets.

So far I have identified the following things that get reset when you import an AES31…

  1. the montage has no connection to the CD-wizard presets
  2. is resets the "audio track dispatching "setting to “not connected”

I know PG has said it would be considered for some future update, but for now for us, it is an unfortunate oversight.

We are not like most WL users. You may only work with a few songs a day.

We mix 20 cuts a day with an average of 5 mixes per cut, sometimes for several clients which calls for multiple montages ALL having started with an AES31 import coming from an Nuendo export. Why the Nuendo export???
because for every good mix there may be several bad mixes, and identifying the good mixes out of hundreds of bad ones in the “Audio” folder would be a deal killer. The AES31 export/import allows us to access only the good mixes out of hundreds of potential mixes.

Resetting obvious montage settings every time we start a montage is a waste of time. But we have to have a CD-pressing program that imports AES31, so …such is life.

PG, I humbly hope the implementation of a logical AES-import will not be TOO far into the future.

Later friends,