CD Wizard Request

When I run the pictured CD Wizard custom preset, the CD Track End markers are quantized, and I need them not quantized.

Can it please be changed so the markers stay exactly on the clip edges, unless the quantize checkbox is checked? That would make more sense anyway.

Right now I run 2 custom presets in sequence to make it do what I want (markers exactly on clip edges), but it’s a very inefficient way to do it.

But CD markers have to be quantized by definition, because of the way tracks are addressed on the CD itself. Perhaps what you actually need to do is make the clips snap to the quantized points.


I have a workflow of mastering singles and alternate versions all in a single montage on a single track and in these cases, I do not want the markers to quantize. I want the captures from analog to stay the EXACT same length when rendered from WaveLab. But yes, any eventual DDP renders or CD burns will be quantized.

When I’m doing an album, yes I want the markers to quantize so everything is uniform with all master formats, but when doing singles and alternate versions for digital only, I do not want any quantizing to happen.

See attachment.

With this setting, the clips aren’t moved, the marker names come from the clip names, and the markers are bound to the clips automatically which is nice.

When sequencing an EP or album, I load in the files to the montage in the desired order, manually dial in the spacing between songs, and then use the attached CD Wizard settings.

For me, it’s only due to my unique rendering workflow that markers are eventually quantized but these is a case for, and you can avoid markers from being quantized if you don’t want them to be at first.

Thanks Paul and Justin. I appreciate your comments. And Justin, like you I use different Wizard settings for different cases, some where I want quantize, some not.

Looking further at this, the quantize that takes place when using the settings in my picture seems to be wrong, or at least inconsistent. If I don’t select the Adjust Pause checkbox, the CD Track End Markers are not quantized. If I do select the Adjust Pause checkbox, the CD Track End Markers are quantized. IMO, quantize should only take place when the quantize checkbox is checked, and that’s not what is happening in my example. So I would still like to request that the CD Track End Markers not be quantized when I run the Wizard with the settings in my picture.

Also, when I check the Adjust Pauses checkbox, it also engages the Adjust Gaps section. It wasn’t like that in Wavelab 6. Those sections were independently selectable and didn’t affect each other, which makes a lot more sense to me.

Like I said, I have a two-step workaround for this, but it really doesn’t make sense to me that I have to do it that way.

I agree that the markers should only quantize if you have that box checked. One of the extra settings you use that I don’t must be triggering that, perhaps unintentionally.

For albums and EPs I quantize markers, but for single songs which often have the instrumental and TV following them on the timeline, I do not want markers to quantize which can be achieved with the settings I showed you, but ultimately get screwed up anyway due to my otherwise preferred rendering workflow.

Hey, it’s better than Studio One!

PG, can this please be changed? It can’t be right if it doesn’t happen when Adjust Pauses is not selected. I just really need the end markers not quantized when I run the settings in my picture.

Less important to me but something I still don’t understand - why do the Adjust Pauses and Adjust Gaps sections interact at all? Is that right? It would seem to me they would have nothing to do with each other.

If you select Adjust Pauses, it selects both the Adjust Pauses and Adjust Gaps sections.
If you then deselect Adjust Gaps, it deselects both sections.
If you then select Adjust Gaps, it selects only Adjust Gaps.

Is that right? I really don’t understand the function of any of that behavior.
I don’t even want or need to use the Adjust Gaps section in my pictured settings, but I’m forced to by the program. If I select Adjust Pauses (which I need) the program forces on Adjust Gaps (which I don’t need). So I have to set all the gaps/offsets in Adjust Gaps to zero to account for the fact that the Adjust Gaps is forcibly turned on.

It seems to me it would be a lot less confusing (for me anyway) if the Adjust Pauses and Adjust Gaps sections were totally independent, and quantize only occurred when the Quantize checkbox is selected. Since there is a Quantize checkbox, it only makes sense to quantize when it is selected. A user seeing Quantize unselected would assume quantize would not happen, but, like in my case, quantize is sometimes happening with Quantize unselected.

The CD wizard calculations are based on a CD model, where the spacing is always quantized on CD frames. This is why everything is linked. This is not easy to change this. I don’t say it’s impossible, but currently I don’t want to take this risk.

But I can suggest you a solution: use the clip align tool, like this:
This will generate the pause as you wish. Then use the CD Wizard, just to generate the CD markers… and you get what you need. Isn’t it?

Thanks PG, but I already have a two-step workaround in the CD Wizard, but it’s inconvenient, and should be unnecessary, imo.

I noticed that clips are positioned to start on CD frames when you select Adjust Pauses in the CD Wizard, and that’s why the CD Track Start Markers are on the clip edge AND on the CD frame, but can’t the CD Track End Markers be made to not be quantized to CD frame when the Quantize checkbox is not selected, and fall on the clip end edge instead? I hope that’s considered for the future, since the Wizard with CD Track Markers is the only way to easily attach markers to all the clips starts and ends, afaik, and might be modified to take into account alternate uses like this.

I already have a two-step workaround in the CD Wizard

Which ones?

I noticed that clips are positioned to start on CD frames when you select Adjust Pauses in the CD Wizard

Since pauses are a number of whole seconds, and that a second is a whole number of CD frames, then it’s normal that a clip start that is positioned on a second boundary, it also on a CD frame boundary.

On a slightly related topic, it’s slightly annoying that I need to quantize my makers in a vinyl pre-master so that the markers match exactly what is displayed on the PDF report for the cutting engineer.

It would be nice if makers could be left un-unquantized for the vinyl pre-master and have those times displayed on the PDF report.

Basically, we are now in an era (digital distribution, vinyl, singles/alt mixes) where we need markers of course, but they do not always need to be quantized.

I run Preset 1 (which is the same as my original picture), then I run Preset 2 (which brings the CD Track End markers back to the clip edge).

smart :slight_smile: