CDText per track genre and other values

I noticed there is potential in CDText for per track values like Genre. When you edit CDText data that popup window does not show per track genre.
I was wondering also if you import from a CSV file you can introduce per track fields like Genre?
If there arn’t any I suppose it could put the Album’s Genre in the per track fields but that might be limiting and more so in error.

I don’t think you see “Genre” in WaveLab CD Text. AFAIR, this CD-Text info was only partially supported by CD devices and had caused trouble, hence is not in WaveLab for this reason (maybe it was there once in a far past, but I don’t remember).

Right I am thinking now it’s more up to the listener to set some of these things like a start rating. It’s meant for the end user potentially, or at least that’s a good way to think about it.