Celesta with just one treble clef stave needed

Sounds like a simple task, but how to achieve?
When I create a celesta instrument I get a piano style instrument with a double stave. How can I delete the lower stave (with the bass clef) and keep just the upper stave (treble clef)???
Is it possible to create such an instrument and save it so it can be used later in other dorico projects?

You can certainly delete the bottom staff (provided you have Dorico Pro) but you can’t save it as a custom instrument.

You can also hide empty staves.

If you prefer, you could use a single-staff instrument and rename it.

Thank you, that works! Rainer

I have sort of the opposite problem. When I add Celesta (as a doubling instrument for Piano in a musical theater score) I am always given an unbraced two-staff instrument, with barlines unconnected from one staff to the other. So I need to temporarily give it something to play in bar 1, so I can go into Engraving Mode and give it a brace at the start of the number, and then delete that music from bar 1, keeping the brace. Is there an easier option that I’ve missed?

Certainly by default the Celesta is set up in the same way as the Piano, i.e. a braced pair of staves with barlines that also join the staves. Do you have any custom bracket/brace changes in your project? If so, that could be the issue: if the Celesta is not present at the point in the music where you create a bracket/brace change, it will end up with no brace.

Thank you for that bit of advice, Daniel. I’m not aware of having made custom bracket/brace changes, but I may have done so without knowing that’s what I was doing. Possibly bracketing Percussion 1 and 2 together (two players both playing multiple instruments) was the culprit, as I’ve also noticed that adding new players to Reed 5 consistently leaves them unbracketed with other woodwind. In any case, it’s good to know there’s a reason.