Celeste won't playback

Anybody have any magic I can use to get the celesta to play back in my file?

I didn’t anything special: just add a Celesta:
Celesta.dorico (412.5 KB)

Btw: Celeste & Celesta add the same GM instrument in HALse… :wink:

… and welcome @kalel80806 :slight_smile: :exclamation:

I’m not quite sure what happened . . . the entire program crashed and then wouldn’t reboot because the audio engine failed. It came back after I rebooted the computer. And now there’s a celesta.

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Glad you solved! :slight_smile:

I realize different languages may have different words for the same thing, but I always considered Celesta as the “bell piano” sound and Celeste as an organ stop that simulated a string sound.

Same here @Derrek :exclamation: