Centered Beams - Chords

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Centered Beams property works just fine, but as soon as I try to work with “chords” between staves, it doesn’t work anymore. Can anyone explain me the reason for that? Attached is an example of something which I guess “centered beams option” can’t accept at the moment. I have Dorico 3 btw.

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This looks impossible in Dorico without faking it somehow.

For example, the quintuplets in the middle of your attachment would have to be in two separate voices, because the top staff notes are 32nd + 8th, and the bottom staff are 8th + 32nd. Each of those is a correct quintuplet, but if you try to combine them into one voice you will get a 32nd + dotted 16th + 32nd tuplet and some tied notes.

As things stand, even the following C# C dyad (for instance) isn’t possible. Dorico does not currently support concurrent notes on opposing sides of a beam.

You can do that by defining a new notehead type with the attachment points on the “wrong side” of the note, and manually positioning the beam in the middle of the stems.

The attached example isn’t perfect but it shows the general idea.
centered stem.png

The dyad I mentioned has both notes dotted. If I use your method (and I’ll admit, I have, previously) Dorico will only show the note on the bottom stave as dotted. The note on the top stave is dotted, but the dot is underneath the notehead.
Sure, I guess you could define a Playing Technique that looks like a dot and then manually position it on the note on the top stave, but it really is a very deep rabbit hole.

Thank you everyone! By moving the notes manually, and with lots of workarounds, it is possible to achieve that, but it is still very inconvenient. I wonder if Daniel has something in mind to get it done.

Still, thank you all!