Centre cursor in screen

An old pal was complaining to me that he couldn’t get all the cursor navigation tools in his modern DAW that he enjoyed in SoundScape! Glory days eh?
I asked him what he was missing and his biggest beef was the absence of a command to centre the play cursor in the screen. Which I have to admit is jolly handy. I checked SoundForge 12 (yes I’m well off the SF pace!) and it has it. But I can’t find it in Wavelab?

There is a function which is “Scroll the display to make the edit cursor visible”
Right click there:

Or press Control + . (Command on Mac).

Note that this does no move the cursor, this scrolls the display. I don’t really see the interest of moving the cursor. What would be the use case?

Thanks Philippe- we are talking about the same thing, shifting the view so the cursor is in the centre of the screen. My bad for poor description.

ta like, ABB