Centred dynamics in double staff instruments?

hey everybody,

is there a setting somewhere to have dynamics automatically centred in between 2 staffs of a double staff instrument like harp or piano? In my case it is often slightly to close to the upper system (where of course the dynamics are usually declared…
Would be very appreciated, because I would be very much dreading to shove every single dynamic around in engraving mode…



For grand staff instruments such as piano and harp, Dorico does this automatically already. If you’re finding the not to be the case, perhaps you’ve done a lot of adding and removing of staves?

Ok I looked into it…it seems that dorico calculates the exact middle between the staff, but doesn’t take into account the visual impression in relation to deep or high notes and their beams etc.
so although in the screenshot I attached the dynamics are in the middle (if you only look at the staffs), the impression is, that the dynamics are slightly closer to the upper staff…I’m on a big project with a strict editor, who prefers the ladder (taking into account notes/beams)…so I guess I’ll have to grind through… :confused:

It looks to me like you could reduce the default space between braced staves by a space or more, letting collision avoidance operate more often. I think that would give a more centered appearance to the dynamics in this passage, anyway.

This is bound to happen, when you have orchestral scores and fumble around with vertical spacing…but if it would be harp solo, your way could help.