Certain keys on keyboard controllers causing weird actions in C 12

Motif XF8, USB midi controlling only, not even with Motif VST editor open. Recently upgraded to Cubase 12.40 . Now, with a completely blank project I have noticed when I play F 3 (just below middle C right?) it changes the timecode display back and forth. If I play C above middle C (C5?) it brings up the Save dialogue screen. If I play low E1 and F1 F# 1 changes active tracks back and forth in one of my templates, low D and C also change tracks, Eb 3 opens and closes channel settings, F#5 opens and closes mixor window, G#6 scrolls curser, Bb7 starts recording, plus more track changing in the highest notes. this doesn’t happen when I use Cubase 11. What’s up. I figure some sort of key command script. I reset key commands. no help. rebooted both XF and computer. same result. I am feeling stupid. same thing happening with my Prophet Rev 2 as just a midi track controller.


Double check the Studio > Studio Setup, please. Make sure, there is no Mackie Control Device in the Remote Devices. If yes, make sure, the MDII Input of the Mackie Control is set to Not Connected, please.

Thank you for the reply, but there is no mackie control device in remote devices.


Is there any other Remote Control device, please?

At this moment I only have the Yamaha Motif XF powered on and connected. It shows in remote devices along with track quick controls (not connected) and vst quick controls (not connected)


Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

When I did safe mode it took the motif and put its midi input and output to yamaha xf8 2, instead of all midi or yamaha xf8 1, which I assume has been a selection I must have made sometime. this stopped the strange behavior. Soooooo I rebooted program and now am trying to see if the Prophet Rev 2 (when simply added as a midi track) also has stopped this behavior. so far so good. THANK YOU. If I select motif input as all midi , the behavior returns using either keyboard. I guess there is some sort of midi thru happening? I spend many more hours trying to figure things out than making music. such a powerful, yet complex program to learn.

The same thing happens when I go back to Cubase 11 pro. using the “all midi”.