Certain plug-ins greyed out and only on certain files??

certain plugins have stopped working on a song file…and EVERY saved version of it!

I tried a different song and it’s fine, can’t click on them to edit, OR delete, adding new ones also greyed out.

seems to be so far the L2, Abbey Road Mastering bus, Sibalance, Sonarworks, Insight, Tape, waves SSL and MV2…

none are blacklisted
rescanned VSTs
restarted Cubase and computer
deleted EVERY plud in in file and still an issue
deleted ever audio tracks and instrument and still an issue…

so weird!! and frustrating as I need to mix this by Monday and would like to use those plug-ins, very least a couple of them!
Any ideas??


Do I understand you right that if you create a new track and add one of the plug-in in the affected project, the plug-in has not been loaded?

Maybe I would try to uninstall and reinstall the plug-in.

I figured out it was a latency button on the bottom left (constrain delay compensation) that somehow got pressed that I never knew existed.
Now that i’ve read up on it, it seems like an incredibly useful button…it took me waaaay too long to figure that out…but with so many plug in/VST/iLok type issues over the years, I didn’t even think it was something so dumb…

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nice to know! Same happens to me, in a heavy load session, the plugins got greyed.
I’ll try delay compensation, on or off?


Probably just switch it Off. It seems, it became switched On by accident in one of Cubase update.

Nice, by the way, I know this thread is not the right place for asking that but what exactly Delay Compensation do? Is it for audio, midi, both? How it works? Should I leave it On or Off when recording? If there is a thread, I’ll be fine going there if someone post here.


This mode takes care that there is no delay at all. So all plug-ins which produce latency, are bypassed. Only latency free plug-ins are kept.

I believe operation manual is the right place to get more information here.

Thank you Martin! Now it’s clear! Sonarworks introduces delays on “linear phase” mode as many other plugins.

Man, you saved my life, just upgraded from vers 9 and everything was greyed out! Love ya

Good looking :handshake:

Thanks [Aurelio]. This work. Now everything is OK.

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