Certain Tracks Not Saveable as Archive, and Track Colors When Imported

I noticed these tracks can’t be saved as part of my top zone “track archive” which I was hoping to import quickly in other projects. Is this by design, or is this a bug?

Also, I don’t know why they are being imported as bright lime green - they were saved as black. Default track color for the new project is gray. Is there a setting somewhere that is telling it to import in bright lime green? I was under the impression that any imported track would simply take on the default project track color (which would be gray), though I was hoping it could retain the black color it was in when these were saved.

Any assistance / clarification about how this is supposed to work would be great!

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Did you select these tracks while exporting the archive? I prefer to use Import from Project over the Track Archive. It seems more straightforward for me.

I tried both approaches.
It won’t import the 4 track types mentioned and for some reason they will only import in lime green.

Were you able to import ruler, signature, tempo and arranger tracks from another project?