Certain Waves Plugins do not activate

Hello All, by way of example, I have projects where all Wave plugins work and one project where the Waves-based dynamic plugins (C6 as an example) load but are inactive (see image: plugin slot is greyed out and plugin’s on/off and bypass not visible).

I rebuilt the music project in a new project file (importing tracks via the new import function) and ended up with the same issue of inactive plugins.

This suggests to me that there must be some Cubase function that I invoked inadvertently to “freeze” these plugins, although I don’t know why other Waves plugins continue to work.

Any suggestions/advice welcome, thank you bernie

Sounds like you need to load the new Waves Central App. When you do this, all the plugins will be refreshed, V10 or otherwise. This said,I think it might be best to contact Waves support because, depending on your DAW build and earlier versions of Wave Central, they will be able to point you to some files that need to be deleted. I recall I had something similar happen in the past and they walked me through the process.