Challenges and reflections on ligature

If you have some time, try to write down what is marked.
I had a lot of trouble with the crossbars.
What is the easiest way to get there.
Will there be any progress in this direction in Dorico4
I call on the specialist @dspreadbury @Lillie_Harris @DanKreider @MarcLarcher etc.

You can’t create a centred beam like that in Dorico at the moment, but it will be possible in Dorico 4 when it arrives next year.


This is excellent news!

So that’s great.
Although I wish I could see Dorico’s team breaking their teeth on this problem. :rofl: :joy:
I got there but I suffered.

Fans of Telemann, rejoice! (It is Gaudete week after all.)

(For the record, this is obnoxious. Please don’t ever do this to anyone.)


I managed to do it but I suffered.
Of course, I find it awful too.
Thanks for the help

Most of that Telemann can be done in Dorico 3.5 (except for the D octave - currently the notes have to be either side of the middle line.)

There is a work-around that Daniel very kindly devised for me a few years ago. I assume that one can still find it on this forum with a search.

As Daniel stated, it won’t be necessary when Dorico 4 comes — soon enough IIRC.

That’s great, Daniel. Will Dorico 4 allow control over the thickness of individual beams?

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Yes, it will. But before you go down the rest of your wish list, there are no changes to piano fingering in Dorico 4.

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Ooof my eyes!

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I know. It’s truly terrible, and more to the point: difficult to read.

You know me so well, Daniel. :blush: Despite the absence of any advancement in piano fingering, I plan to buy Dorico 4.


This will be very helpful for classical guitar music as in the example from op.