Chamber orchestra setup with individual staves


New user here.
I’m starting to write my first larger piece in Dorico, it’s for chamber orchestra. And i want to write individually for each string player, much like Schnittke did, here, for instance:

What would be the best way to setup the score?
If i simply add 11 individual violins (6 first, 5 second), then on the condensed score they’re all grouped together and mixer is all messed up as well.

Thank you.

If you want a score that looks like that, then you need separate Players for each staff, or Divisi.

I’m not sure you can condense that sort of thing effectively, if you’ve got 6 different violins playing different things.

If you enter your parts as separate players, you can specify condensing groups for subsets of your players.
You can also change condensing manually when you need to.

Thank you for your answer.
Any clue as to which solution, divisi or separate players, would be more handy? As for condensing not being effective, true, but they won’t play separate parts all the time, there will be some points where they play unison.

Thanks, i’ll have to dig into that.

Really, it’s a toss-up which way to go until you know in detail how the changes between different divisions of each section will work out.

One consideration is that Dorico can automatically pad out the “divisi” staves if you change between divisi and unisoni in the middle of a system, but not if you change between two different divisis (e.g. between 2 and 6 staves) because there is no way to specify how the two sets staves match up.

If you use divisi, you can still produce individual parts for each desk, by manually hiding the unwanted divisi staves.

Personally I would avoid options that require manually copying the same music onto multiple staves. A computer can do that faster and more accurately than you can!

You’ve got a point here.

As far as i understand manual hiding of (divisi) staves is only available in 3.5?

Yes, manual hiding of any staves containing music was new in 3.5.