Change 6/8 Time Signature To 3/4 and regroup Notes

An unusual request I know but here goes …

Is there a way to convert a time signature of 6/8 into 3/4 and regroup the notes for a full score?


How you want to regroup the notes? Should they stay in 3,3 or become 2,2,2?

If you mean to convert every bar of 6/8 into one bar of 3/4, that’s as simple as entering 3/4 at the start using the popover, and possibly getting rid of any previous overrides using Edit>Beaming>Reset Beaming.
If, however, you mean that every 6/8 should become two bars of 3/4 (doubling the note values) that’s a lot more involved—there is an option for doubling arbitrary note values but the results are unpredictable with rests ans especially with tuplets. So then I’d advise to just start a new flow/project in 3/4 and copying/doubling in chunks.

Or if you want the same groupings, maybe it‘s the easiest to place a hidden time signature 6/8 in bar 2. So you have to change only the first bar.

Thank you all for your replies.

Nukkul, I mean to change my score from 6/8 to 3/4 and to re-beam/regroup the notes as 3/4.

As mentioned above. A simple time signature change at the beginning will do all you need. Except you have forced some note length or beamings.

In Dorico the note length is “above everything else”. Bars, note length (half or dotted quarter+ eighth), beaming are “only” a layer on top of it.

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Remember to set your notation options>beam grouping to suit.

Yeah, the way Dorico handles note durations and time signatures is really quite amazing and very flexible: you can change the time signature at any time, and any notes that don’t have either their duration or beaming forced already will update to fit correctly into the new time signature. See this in action here:

If you have Dorico Pro, Elements, or an iPad subscription, you can further customize the default note and rest groupings according to various meters in Notation Options > Note Grouping and > Beam Grouping.