Change a chord's appearance in a flow?


Can someone please tell me if it’s possible to change the appearance of a chord during a flow? For example, I would like to write an F minor chord, first show it as Fm and then have it show up later as Fmin or F-

I am trying to put together a worksheet showing some of the common symbols my students may come across when working with a leadsheet, so would like to show a chord as “Cdim or Cminb5 or Cº” Could anyone please advise?
Lead Sheet (342 KB)

It can be done but is fairly time consuming:

After entering the chords you need to edit the individual alternatives in Engrave mode. Set the defaults in Engraving Options/Chords to be the most complicated alterations as it is then faster to create the more simple alternatives. In the Edit Chord Symbol appearance dialog box, after clicking Add Component or Edit Component you can edit the suffixes in the Edit Chord Symbol Component dialog box. Some you can enter with text, and some you will need to select the Composite suffixes that Dorico already has. Most of these will be under the Composite tab under comp.csac… or comp.csym…

Good luck! Feel free to ask more questions if you can’t get it to work.

Excellent thank you, I’ve managed to cobble it together!

I would consider the possibility that in this case using SHIFT+X text instead of actual chord symbols might be simpler.

Actually, the ability to easily access the alternative chord symbols would be a pretty great feature request! Perhaps it could even work similar to InDesign where you can select a character and see the variants built into the font:

Or be able to cycle through the variants like you can cycle through the playing techniques of percussion instruments. In any case, the ability to access multiple variants of a chord easily would be a great feature.