Change a note's duration after the caret has moved forward?

Very basic question: is there any way to easily change the duration of a note that has just been input – and that is still highlighted/selected – even though the carat has moved forward for the next note’s input? (That is, apart from using [shift-alt+arrow]?)

Thanks, in advance, for your help.

What’s wrong with alt-shift-arrow?

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Hi, Marc;

I’m looking for something simpler and quicker – like being able to just hit the new duration (which can be done where there is no carat present).

What about hitting escape and then the new value ?

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Thanks, Andre1 – I guess that’s the closest we can get to a one-key duration change! :grinning:

You could assign single keys to do the same jobs as Shift-Alt-Left/Right, if you can find spare single keys.

Thanks, pianoleo.

Does shift-alt+arrow depend on the current grid resolution? If so, perhaps I’d need to create some macros (scripts?) that combine the required grid resolution and the shift-alt-arrow. (Haven’t tried scripts yet.)

Yes. If you dependably want to input a pitch first, then duration, why not just switch to the Pitch Before duration mode? It’s K, or there’s an icon for it in the left panel, and there’s a Preference for it too.

Thanks, pianoleo.

I do occasionally switch to “k”, if I’m unsure of what I want to do, but what I’m after is more a very quick way of changing my mind about a duration I’ve just input. So far, it looks like using Esc or (keyboard) Enter to deactivate the carat is the quickest, most intuitive way.

Anyone know anything about this?

Preferences-key commands -note input: there is what I believe are two default entries (I don’t recall creating them!):

“note value longer” : =
“note value shorter”: -

Of course, these key commands do not have that effect, being used to add accidentals, or (with Alt) to create enharmonic equivalents.

Any ideas about them?

See Note Value Longer / shorter key command - #9 by dspreadbury

Please do search. This forum contains thousands of useful posts; if I can search it, anyone can…

Thanks, pianoleo, but you must be better at searching than I :wink: – I couldn’t find it.

Got it now, tho’-- thanks.

My search was this: Search results for 'Note value longer' - Steinberg Forums

I promise I didn’t do anything clever!

Hi again;

When I had earlier entered “note value longer”, it took me here:

. . . and I’d had already searched those top two entries in vain. Never thought to look into “tablature” . . .

I’m taking about searching this forum, not the manual. The manual’s useful, too, of course.

Aha – you’re right!
Sorry . . .

It’s not the most elegant but I find good old command Z (undo) returning me to the position/note I just entered (and leaving the caret on) is a quick way to reenter the desired note/duration.