Change accelerando speed

when I write in my score MM=60 accel…MM=120 the accel. doesn’t go all the way to double time.
So I adjust by drawing the right line in Pay view. Unfortunately then my accel. in the score gets substituted by “gradual tempo (200%)”
How do I change it back to MM=60 accel…MM=120 in my score without changing the tempo line in the Play window?
Or is there a smarter way to do this?


I might be wrong, but I believe Dorico doesn’t read the tempo at the end of the gradual tempo when determining the final tempo; this is instead controlled by way of the ‘Final tempo’ property for the tempo itself.

I was using a trick, before version 3, where you basically displace the marking by say a semi-demi-quaver, then select omit playback (from the properties window below) and then you can freely draw in the tempo lane in Play Mode without affecting the text.

Thanks the accelerando works fine now, but unfortunately it starts with 120 and ends in double time, ignoring my tempo mark mm=60
Is the acc and the MM=40, both on the first note maybe cursing a conflict? How do I change the start tempo to 40?

actually the tempo line in Pay View shows the right tempi, but it doesn’t get played…
above I meant MM=60 not MM=40

Strange… Did you disable the text’s playback in properties? In the play window you can specify any tempo you want anywhere, use the playback line as a reference point to where you want the change to occur. Finally, you could also make sure the tempo track is enabled by clicking on the metronome crotchet next to the transport window (i.e. where play, stop, rewind are). That toggles between the tempo track and fixed tempo…