Change all crossfade length?

Is there a way to change all crossfade length in a Montage at once? Or all crossfades in a selection or a track?


I have to ask do you work with loops or with editing takes together
for me personally it sound’s dangerous to manipulate all X-fades in one go !
or do you mean from the very start of a fresh Montage ? if yes there is
Focused clip / Fade-in, Fade-out / Set time and Presets

and check out “Modes” together with
“Allow automatic crossfading …”
for singel or multi track

then use the selection for clips “Shift + cmd”
and then Alt key for manipulating X-fade(s) in one go

I know there have been suggestion/begging for a X-fade editor for a long time
but not yet available…

hope it helps

regards S-EH

Thanks, before I try it, I don’t understand whether this will change all crossfades in a Montage track or not? Will the timing stay the same?

A Crossfade editor would be the absolute top-of-the-list for me, followed by Peak’s Dynamic Scrubbing.


Do you mean the crossfade in it self length or the curves ?
Why not set up a simple Montage a play around with
menu “Modes” “Workspace / Command bars /Modes”
load the “Specific tool window / History tab”
and try out the different combination with Icons
you can always undo step(s) going back in the Montage
best teacher there is !

the different icons for X-fade use Shift and cmd before manipulating
to keep timing and just resize or move X-fade(s)

and your main question is Yes it’s possible
there is the Help and pointer question mark symbol inside WL !

regards S-EH