Change an intrument throughout the score?

My musicxml import changed a Baritone singer into a horn. Is there a way I can simply change that Bar. (now a horn) into a singer, instead of creating a new instrument, then cutting and pasting the notes into the new instrument and then deleting the original imported instrument.
Thank you for helping a Dorico novice.

In Setup mode, right-click on the instrument (not the player!) and choose Change Instrument.

You need to click on the white baritone underneath the blue baritone.

Not quite right. Hover over the instrument name until you see the little disclosure arrow and then click (not right click) on that.

Oops, sorry for leading you astray! Leo is right, as always.

Expanding on his answer: the blue (top-level) Baritone is the Player, and underneath that is the Instrument they’re holding (highlighted in white), in this case a baritone voice. In this 1:1 situation the names coincide, but a player can hold multiple instruments, as evidenced from the menu options in your screenshot.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I took another screenshot today, and I did right click on the white instrument which you can see, and it doesn’t bring up a command that says, “Change Instrument”. Can you tell me if I’m in a different version, or it’s because I’m using a Mac, or if you see something on my screenshot that I don’t?
Appreciate your help very much.

Do NOT right click. That was wrong Info. Hover over the Instrument Name. A small Disclosure Arrow will appear ‘>’. Click on that.

Craig. When I hover over the name - I’m in Setup on the left side under the Players
nothing appears. I’m on a Mac - I wonder if that is why I don’t get anything.
Maybe I’m not in the right place?
Thanks for your suggestion.

Here is a pic.


GreenLily, left-click on the player name (not right click) to get Craig’s picture in the post above this one. Then right-click on the circled arrow and select “rename” from the pop up menu.

I don’t know what Craig is doing, but hovering the mouse only displays tool tips for me on Windows, and this isn’t a tool tip.

^ I think Rob means to left-click the arrow in the instrument name as well.

On my system, if the mouse is not over the instrument name, the disclosure arrow (that I circled) is not there.

You are right of course. Left-clicking and right-clicking on the arrow bring up two different menus.

Memo to self: actually try doing something, before you describe how to do it from memory!

Judging by my messages further upthread, couldn’t hurt as a memo to me as well :wink: