Change audio file BPM?

Hi folks,

Here’s the scenario:

I’m doing a remix.

I’ve received an acapella which is at 122bpm.

But i want to do my remix at 124bpm.

What’s the easiest way to change the tempo of this acapella from 122 to 124? There are no beats to help me match it to a grid.

I just want to have a sort of text box entry where i fill in the old and new tempo, hit abracadabra and Cubase does the rest.

I don’t want to change the pitch!

Could anyone tell me what are the best workflows to achieve this? Perhaps there’s more then one way?

Many thanks!


You don’t tell us what version of Cubase you are using? but “Timestretch” is what you are looking for. Probably under Audio >Processes> Timestretch.

There are at least two other methods I can think of, but Timestretch, which is in the manual will get you started.

Find the acapella in the Audio Pool, set the BPM to 122 and enable Musical Mode. It’s will adjust to project tempo.

Import the audio, go to the audio pool, make sure the bpm of the audio file is set to 122, and musical mode is ticked.
Set the project to 124, and try different algorithms, tape style will alter the pitch !

Great, many thanks!