Change BPM to all samples in one click?

is there a way to change the bpm to a couple audio tracks at one?

lets say i add 10 guittar samples and all of them 100 bpm and i need to change them to 90 as the project,
i need to change in each one or we have some quick shift?


In the pool window you can set them all to musical mode and they’ll all respond to your tempo changes automatically - all you have to do is to set the original tempo.

you can select multiple samples in the pool window and type in one tempo and it will update all of the other selected files, but I don’t think that is what you are asking


If you are talking about the time stretch (not the Start Position), you can select all of them and apply the Time Stretch at once.

If you are talking about the Start Position change, your can select all of them and change the Start Position in the Info Line.