change bpm w/out moving audio ?

How do I change bpm w/ out moving audio regions?

Using Cubase LE4

Thanks in advance!

Hello ChrisNuc,

Make sure to uncheck the Tempo Tab in the Transport widnow and in the BPM tab, type a different number. This should only change the tempo of the BPM not the Audio file itself.

Hi Joel, Thanks for the response but - it doesn’t seem to be working for me… perhaps I’m confused about what exactly the ‘Tempo Tab’ & ‘BPM tab’ are… ?

When I open the song/file the transport window is default set to: [Tempo|Fixed|4/4|120.00]

When I try to change the tempo to 73.00 - all the audio shifts.

Hello ChrisNuc,

Changing the BPM alone, should not change the Event (Audio File). What build of Cubase LE4 are you running? Look under Help>About Cubase on PC or under Cubase>About Cubase on Mac. Also what operating system are you running? To find on PC, go to Start>right click Computer>select System Properties. On Mac go to the Apple Icon>About the Mac.

Hi Joel,
Cubase LE 4.0.3 Build 2233
Windows 7 Home Edition

Thanks again for your help - much appreciated!

Hi Joel, Any word on this ‘issue’?


Hello Chris,

I have sent you a PM

I am having the exact same issue with Cubase AI7 V7.0.6 Build 2231 (64bit).
Any word on a solve to this problem? Or, a work around?

Hello AppleFire,

First try updating you version of AI7 to the latest build which is AI7 V.7.0.7.

Also what operating system are you running AI7 on? Please include the version as well, i.e. Windwos 8.1 64-bit.