change bpm without move nothing

hi… there is a way for change bpm of a track without move nothing in the grid but just making everything faster or slower like it happens in ableton, Fl or any other daw?? thanks a lot… :smiley:

Hi and welcome,

Yes, this is possible for the Audio Tracks, but not for MIDI/Instrument Tracks.

For the Audio Track, make sure the Time base of the track is set to Linear and the Audio Event Musical Mode is enabled.

But the MIDI track could be rendered (turning the MIDI into an wave file) in the Project and then you could speed up or slow down the entire Project, right?


You are right, if the MIDI Tracks are routed to a Virtual Instrument. If the MIDI Tracks are routed to the hardware, you have to record it in real time first.

Other option is to change the tempo and then change the position of the MIDI Notes by using MIDI Logical Editor (similar to the Double Tempo or Half Tempo preset, you just have to count the right Parameter 1 value).

Logical editor:

target: all events (notes, CC) you want to stay put
action: position > multiply by > new bpm / old bpm



Thank you, I’m not good in the math. :unamused: :smiley: