Change Buffer Size for VST?


I have bought EastWest Complete Composers Collection. When I had installed everything it did sound truly awful! Like electricity! The problem then was that the buffer size was way to low! Was set to only 256 so I changed that to 1024 and then It did sound amazing! But that was when I opened up the VST Plugin beside Cubase!

When I load VSt instrument EWQL in Cubase 6 I still get that horrible noise! Even though I changed in EWQL settings. A fella then said to me that I have to enter Cubase 6 and change buffer size there as well for ASIO drivers.

So, my question is, how do I do that?

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On the “Devices” menu go down to Device Setup. There you can select the ASIO driver. There should also be a button to open the driver control panel and adjust the buffer size.

To save yourself weeks of posting please read the manual first. It tells you everything you need to know as a new user. You don’t need the aggravation of forum ridicule to distract from the task ahead.

However, questions on the clarity of the manual subjects are perfectly valid.

Conman is right … except.

Most programs as complex as Cubase have nested forums with groupings around different topics and especially something like a ‘Just getting started’ or ‘Beginners’ forum or, even better, ‘Basic Troubleshooting.’

It is inevitable that people who are new to Cubase will want some initial satisfaction and run to a forum if something is not working.

IMO, the irritant is that for the time being Steinberg has decided to throw all users … regardless or experience, interest or competence … into a single pool.