Change buffer size?

I can’t figure out how to do this. I’ve looked in the device setup menus but there’s nothing there as far as I can see. If anyone can help it would be cool

What soundinterface you use? Normaly in the setup for your interface there should be the option to change buffersize.

Greetz Bassbase

In device setup, the tab where you select your ASIO driver, there should be a button that opens the control panel for your audio interface driver. That’s where you change the latency.

right, I’m a moron, it’s in the control panel. Thanks for the help

you are not a moron… it’s really hidden. thank you for ask.

Just as some additional info. I was having the “every 10 second” ASIO peak issue too, but only when I ran with the EastWest Play VST. Kontakt Control did not cause the peak, and it did not pop and click like EW Play did. I was also running with the FocusRite 2i4, which has a max latency setting of 10 ms, so I couldn’t adjust it further.

Anyway, looked at Steinberg’s cubase updates, and there was a specific update in a recent version of cubase 8 for RME drivers that caused peak realtime VST pops. Unfortunately, I can’t install the 8.0.2 upgrade (is it unfortunate? See lots of complaints about a lot of regression) because it crashes on my win 7 x64 machine after downloading and unpacking. Switching to the generic low latency driver solves the problem in the mean time.