change category to vst instruments

Cubase 10 with Mac

in the ‘plugin management’ section
NEXUS is inside a folder, called Others.


How do I change the category, ‘others’ to nexus and put it in the SYNTH folder?

Thanks in advance

If the plugin is VST3, you currently can not modify its category inside of Cubase. The only solution would be asking the Nexus developer to change it and release an update. Anyway, collections were included in Cubase exactly for this purpose.

the problem is that cubase puts the plugins where it wants.
I did not understand what criterion it uses to store …

It’s not Cubase. It’s the developer who chooses which VST3 category its plugin fits in, and inserts that information in the plugin itself. It seems that many developers don’t bother to classify their plugins correctly, so they go to the default “Others” category.

that’s so inconvenient to not have a chance to move a vst plug-in to a certain category. in sonar i can choose any category for a plug-in or even create a new one. in cubase i have a number of plug-ins (from NI) that are just “other”. very inconvenient.

The solution, which you say you don’t want to do is create a new or modify an existing Collection. You can create whatever structure makes sense to you, including having the same plug-in appear in multiple locations. I suspect that the item named “category” in Sonar is not the same as what Cubase names “category” (which is the developer’s description) and more like the names given to folders in a Collection structure.

If you don’t want to use the tool that is designed to address your issue…? ¯_(ツ)_/¯