Change Chord Symbol Suffix Font

I’m trying to change the font used for a chord symbol suffix. I know to go to Engraving Options, Chord Symbols, scroll to the very bottom and click Edit. I enter C^7 in to the dialog box. When the chord pops up, I double click on the suffix to bring up the Edit Chord Symbol Component dialog. From here I’m stuck.

Under Glyph, I select the font I want, scroll down and select the letter I would like (trying to add an M and then an A). When I add the first letter, it changes the font to the default font used for chord symbols, not the one I selected.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m pretty sure there’s a known bug here. The obvious workaround is to go to Engrave > Font Styles, set some style that you’ll never otherwise use (Chorus Lyrics Translation font?) to the font you want for these Chord Symbols, then use the Text section of the Edit Chord Symbol Component dialog rather than the Glyph section.