Change Color Labels of the Faders in Cubase Mixer

Change Color Labels of the Faders in Cubase Mixer

Is there a way to change the label colours of the faders at once like in a group?

Example like outputs of a VSTi select al the faders and change the color of the labels in one click instead of just one fader at the time.


I’d like to know this too tho’ I don’t think there is.

Find those same channels in the Project Window & select them.

Make sure no Audio or MIDI parts are selected (or you’ll just color those)

Use the Select Color drop-down menu in the Project Window to change the color.

Hey Thanks, I see you can select the vsti and give them a color in the arrange window, but is there a way to do the same in the mix window?
Like select a bunch of faders and give them the same color label at once?

Unfortunately no. The Select Color button isn’t available in the MixConsole & you need that to change more than one Track at a time. However if you select a bunch of channels in the MixConsole it should also select them in the Project Window, so you could just go over there after selecting in the MixConsole and use the Selector in the Project Window.