Change cubase ai 11 to english version

i did not find a preference selection under file tab, or under edit tab , so i can not change language to engligh.
why people can not choose a language before installing the cubase ai 11?

I don’t know for the AI version, but for the Pro one, it’s not a matter of installation : there is a setting in the Preferences > General pane, that let us choose among 9 languages. If I remember well, once the choice done, Cubase needs to be restarted for the setting to take effect.

Worth a check…

EDIT : … and welcome in the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

the cubase ai 11 do not have the Preferences > General pane.

add the driver ur22c in the cabase control panel, but did not have guitar singal input.

also have no computer speaker output, can not find a speaker driver selection, only have ur22c selection.

i run the program under win10,

there is no problem, if i use apple logic x pro, input output works fine, but not the pc version cubase ai, i think the cubase ai 11 program was poor writen, needs to reprogram.

It’s not what I see in the Cubase AI 11.0.0 Operation manual. In page 685 (Preferences / General section) :

Allows you to select which language is used in the program. After switching the language, you must restart the program for the change to take effect.

Downloadable here :

yes, i found, under:


i have open left side tab trees one by one in order to guess or find the language selection.

now, i am in the english version cubase ai 11.

i believe english version shall be allowed download first, then let people deside if need to change to the other language.