Change Default Track Presets for all type of tracks

We can change the default preset for every plugin and for every vst instrument. Why can’t we change the default track preset for an audio or instrument track for example? It would be awesome to choose the default preset for each track type (audio, instrument, group, fx…)




(audio, instrument, group, fx…)
I also add in the ’ … ’ from Florian360, “Zone”
Previously suggested here


GREAT idea!

Yes please. I have to set pre-gain every time I add a track. I also have to insert a console 1 plugin in as well.

Steinberg obviously has NO intention of implementing this as this thread is now 3 years old…

I would LOVE to see this feature as well.


This should be part of Cubase! I think this is a big feature to implement! Cmon steinberg! Add a default track preset so everytime we do not have to do same actions for every track over and over!