Change drum attack settings?

Hey there all,

i used the drum kit on cubase to create my drumbeat but to lead into abit i want a cymbal swell so i made alot of cymbal hits in quick succession and changed the velocity to gradually get higher with each note. how ever i need to change the attack on each note so it sounds like a swell and not someone repeatedly hitting the hell out of a cymbal… but i cannot find anywhere the option to change the “attack” of each note!!

surely there should be a controller lane for such a thing?

So i dont know where to do it anymore :s have they changed the name from “attack” to something else?

Please help :slight_smile:

Thanks in advnace :slight_smile:

Depends on the VSTi. What are you using?

If it’s Groove Agent One you can change the attack independently
for each pad in the amplifier section and of course automate it.

But if it’s a swell and you want it to sound real, then you should use
a kit with more than one velocity zone for the cymbal.

If you use Battery for instance, you could assign velocity to the amp attack of the cymbal… then just measure the amount of modulation you want to make it right for you…

Halion 4, Halion Sonic full and maybe groove agent 3 will give you this kind of modulation as well…

it says im using HALion Sonic SE, is this whay its not letting me do it? :s lol

Not as precise. But you can. Have a look at Halion Sonic SE.
There’s a macro page where you might be able to change
the amp- and filter-attack. Problem is that this setting will influence
all the sounds of the drum kit. So I’d recommend you to open a new
instrument track just for that swell.


aww right ok il make a new track then and use another VSTi :slight_smile: Thanks for your help guys :slight_smile: