Change duration of a phrase


I am learning to use Cubase. Often I write a musical idea, and then I want to shorten or extend it.
How can I select notes and then make the same phrase faster or slower without changing the tempo?

For exemple, halve the duration of all notes. This includes the silences, which means that the length between all note start and all note end to the beginning of the selection should be divided by 2.

Is there a tool, or can it be done throught quantizing or Macro?

Thank you very much!

Hi and welcome,

You can change the tempo, of course. Or if you really want to do it like speed up the phrase inside of the tempo, select the MIDI Notes in any MIDI Editor (for example Key Editor) and use MIDI > Logical Presets > Standard 1 > Double Tempo (or Half Tempo). If you want different stretch, you can open this preset in the Logical Editor, and set the exact value.

You can also select the MIDI Notes in the Key Editor, and change the Object Selection tool (the arrow tool) to the Sizing Applies Time Stretch tool. Then you can resize the selected MIDI notes. The time will be stretched.

Thank you Martin!

The Logical Presets work well. And I can see how powerful Cubase can be when you master it.
I was using the Time Stretch tool in the Key Editor, but the starts of the notes wasn’t moving according. I figured it works in the Project Zone.

And Cubase has even another way to do this. :astonished:

Say you have a phrase in a 2 bar MIDI Part in the Project Window. If you click and hold on the Arrow Tool you can select the option “Sizing Applies Time-stretch” Now if you drag the end of the Part so it is 4 bars long your phrase will stretch right along with it.

Hi raino. Isn’t that the Time Stretch tool I mentionned in my previous post, and Martin before me? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what happened to me yesterday. So far there are 3 replies where I misread posts :blush:

As I said, the Time Stretch works for me in the Project Zone, but not in the Key Editor.
I thought it was normal behavior, but now I am wondering. Can you use it with the Key Editor?


In the Key Editor it doesn’t work this way, it just extend the Notes length (so it does exactly the same as the common Object Selection tool).

In the Key Editor you can use the Logical Preset I described above.

Think of it this way. In the Project Window if you have a phrase that is in a MIDI Part when you manipulate it you are changing the Part and hence phrase as a whole. The phrase itself is the entity you are changing. But in the Key Editor you are changing the individual notes that comprise the phrase but not the phrase as an entity in itself.