Change Flow Page Number

I am using {@flowPage@} to reset page numbers for each flow - but I want to start a particular flow with page 2. Maybe I’m missing something, but the “Insert Page Number Change” only applies to {@page@} - so there’s no way to re-number pages if you’re using {@flowpage@}.

Am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

You’re not missing anything. The {@flowPage@} token will always resolve to the nth page in the flow, starting at 1.

Any suggestions - short of using {@page@} and renumbering each flow?

Perhaps use separate layouts for each flow? I’m not sure what your desired end result is, so I’m not sure what to recommend.

This was sort of a one off situation. I have a multi-movement suite for chamber group but only one movement was being performed. Most players have transitioned to using pads, but the concert director was concerned that any players still using paper scores might be confused if the odd numbers were on the left (since there was no title page). I could have added a temporary title page for the movement, but it seemed to me that a simpler solution would be to re-number so the first page was 2 (on the left). I was baffled that the page number change had no effect. It took me the better part of an hour to figure out that the problem was with {@flowPage@}.

My solution was a kludge - I switched over to {@page@}, renumbered, created the PDFs and got them out. Then I switched back.

Obviously not a high priority, but suggest for an NFR that we allow Page Number change to work with flowpage as well.

As always thanks for prompt response!

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