change font (working on attacca)

I am trying to do an attacca at the end of a flow. I avoided the system text, because it breaks up the multi rest. I instead used one of the repeat signs (D.S.) and changed it to Custom Text so I can attach it to the last bar line. I don’t think it’s possible to place it under the system per default but I was wondering if I could change the font and if yes, where? I tried Engrave -> Font Styles -> Repeat Endings Font. But it didn’t change anything. Is it the wrong one to do? Any help appreciated

I’ve used a Fine marker for that. You can position it below the staff with a setting in Layout Options → Staves and Systems → Repeat Markers.

should be the same thing, but can you change the font of it? and if yes, where?

In Engrave Mode…
Engrave > Paragraph Styles > Repeat Marker Sections

perfect!!! thanks!

Thanks, that’s brilliant!