Change from N10.1 and N10.2 Visibility

I did a post last October on a Mirror Mixing workaround for N10.1 and Eucon controlled hardware.

This admittedly clunky work around was possible because I had discovered that the hardware WOULD FOLLOW THE DAW if you: 1) Hid the tracks in the visibility window or 2) Disabled the tracks. However, this no longer seems possible as I just noticed that the hardware no longer follows hidden tracks in N10.2.

I was going to try to use the Logical Editor to make a series of one button macros that controlled the visibility window to hide and show the tracks, rather than the regular key commands. Since the hardware would respond to hidden tracks in the visibility window, it seemed like my last shot at coming up with a viable work around. But now, the N10.2 update has made it so that the hardware no longer follows the changes from the visibility window.

Can anyone with N10.1 please confirm that Eucon hardware would follow changes from the visibility window? I don’t want to roll back if it turns out that this change was somehow just a fluke with my PC that worked just before my big crash.