Change grace note position (Dorico 3.5)

I had originally used the “grace note before barline” option to make an ending to the trill. I later changed my mind and decided to leave that out since I felt it was implied anyway.
However, I’d like to have a chord AFTER the barline, in grace notes.
But now nothing I do will let me put grace notes after the barline.
As you can see from this image, the option to place before the barline is unchecked.
Is there some other option to reset to the default the position of grace notes fro that measure? (it also puts any grace notes on other staves before the barline)

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Grace note placement appears in both the Write mode properties and the Engrave mode (Graphic Editing) properties. I have no idea if one can overrule the other.

Is the file by any chance an XML import?

I’ve tried both Write mode and Engrave mode, it seems to make no difference.
Yes it was originally an XML import, but that passage was added directly into Dorico (the original XML import was much shorter. I ended up doubling it in length from within Dorico. and this particular passage was not part of the import)

I’ve tried having it in non-condensed view (this staff isn’t affected by condensing anyways), and in condensed view, nothing makes a difference.

If another instrument has a grace note before the same barline, Dorico won’t let you have grace notes on both sides.

it’s the only grace note on that page.

What happens if you click the grace note and do alt-right arrow follwed by alt-left arrow?
Also, I would try Edit>Reset appearance and Reset Position… (one never knows :slight_smile: )

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I had high hopes that this would repair the problem.
Sadly, it did not :cry:

However, I noticed that the position was correct in the PART, but not in the SCORE.
There is an “ossia” staff, that I need in the part (but not the score), I was wondering if that might be part of the problem. So I tried pulling it back until that system no longer had the ossia, but it made no difference.
In the part, the appearance is correct.
In the score, the grace note is on the wrong side of the barline.

Problem solved (thank-you from the bottom of my heart, Daniel who works so hard and so late on a Sunday!!)

There WAS another grace note, but it didn’t show in the score, it was in a flute part that I completely forgot about (in an ossia staff).