Change how Plugin List is displayed?

when I go to select a plugin, only a partial list is displayed, with an item labeled “More Plug-ins…” at the top of the list. Many of the plugins I use most often are on this “secondary” list. Is there a way to change how this list is displayed? There is plenty of room on the screen for a much longer list, and/or I would love to have it simply display the entire list (in multiple columns, if necessary).

It would seem there should be a preference for this, but I can’t find it.


AFAIK, the only two things you can do is display them by categories, which is really a mix of categories and vendors as not everyone knows or follows the Steinberg category rules (and some plugins don’t really fit anywhere) or if you check “Sort VST Plug-ins Menu by Vendor” in the Preferences, see them listed by manufacturer, which IMO is a little clearer and complete for me because it matches how I organize and install my plugins.

But I know of no way to really customize that list.

It seemed to help when I sorted the actual plug-in files into folders, at the system level of the hard drive. This was on a Mac; the Win version might be different.